About Me
Kristin Groenveld (BFA Tyler School of Art; MFA University of Arizona) studied art at Temple Rome for a year and RISD printmaking program in Matera, Italy.

A long time associate of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Fleisher Art Memorial, Artworks, and LTA of Guggenheim Museum of Art, Kristin has taught classes and workshops for both children and adults. Her diverse teaching experiences include teaching art workshops abroad, including gang members in Mexico and prison inmates of Graterford Prison. Classes at the Elder Hostel Program, Philadelphia Museum of Art, murals with Travelers' Aid and homeless organizations. Teaching experience with physically, emotionally and mentally challenged of Yale School and Kardon Institute.  

Certified Teacher in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Arizona

Founder and Executive Director of Art Sphere, Inc. ( www.artsphere.org ), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit whose mission is to provide art education to inner city youth.

Continuing education is important to maintain skills, add new ones, and keep a freshness in one's work.  She is a regular attendee at CAA and TICA conferences, and Savanah College of Art and Design summer programs.