Artistic Statement

My area is the visual arts. I use multiple media to approach a topic from several angles.  My philosophy is to extend boundaries, remove barriers to creativity, and explore new ways of thinking. I like projects that show the relatedness of things and that diversity and uncertainty are not to be feared.

 I am most interested in projects that educate about the environment and culture.  Broad themes such as the sun and time, life in a village, personal leadership and growth have been used as the focal point to relate to the other subject areas in a multi-disciplinary format. Students are encouraged to include art as an important part of life and that they can express themselves in new ways.

My artwork combines woodcuts, drawing, and painting to create symbolic landscapes of the human spirit. The themes in my most recent work: Ideas From Contemporary Urban Caves invents mythology that deals with current social issues encountered while teaching mural painting to inmates with life sentences in Graterford Prison and in Philadelphia's low income neighborhoods. My work addresses the psychological strengths and weaknesses of individuals who I've encountered struggling in a society of oppression to become more aware of others and themselves. As monsters and heroes the figures in my work share moments in lives when they have been rich with wisdom, humanity, and perseverance.